Saturday, September 5, 2015

National Hurricane Center: 80% Chance Tropical Cyclone Forms

MIAMI, Florida -- As of 2:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on Saturday, September 5, 2014, the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida has issued a tropical outlook due to the presence of a weather system located over the Atlantic Ocean that has a 80% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone within the next 5 days.

The system, named Invest 91L, is a tropical wave accompanied by a broad area of low pressure that is located a few hundred miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. A large area cloudiness and thunderstorms associated with Invest 91L is gradually becoming better organized and a tropical depression is likely to form during the next couple of days. This system has a high chance (70%) of becoming a tropical cyclone again within the next 48 hours, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Spaghetti models are in general agreement that Invest 91L will continue on a west-northwesterly track over the next 48 hours. However, the models begin to disagree as to which way the Invest 91L storm track will take after 72 hours. Some models take the system more westward towards Puerto Rico and the Bahamas while other projected paths predicts that Invest 91L will turn more to the northwest before reaching any Caribbean islands or Florida. 

Invest 91L Spaghetti Models