Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When It Comes To Girl Scout Cookies, Savannah Won't Smile In Brevard

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida -- When it comes to Girl Scout Cookies, Savannah won't smile in Brevard County or other parts of Central Florida.  This is because there are two companies authorized by the Girl Scouts of the USA to bake Girl Scout cookies nationally: Little Brownie and ABC.

While the traditional Girl Scout cookies, such as thin mints, trefoil shaped shortbreads, and the peanut butter sandwiches may look very similar between the bakers, you will notice that some of the cookies have different names or the baker may offer a different “discretionary” cookie in addition to the traditional cookies.

The Girl Scouts of the USA designed a 100th Anniversary Cookie Box pictured above, however, the organization did not commission or create a 100th Anniversary cookie.  Each Girl Scout regional Council independently chooses the baker with which they wish to contract.  

The Girl Scouts of Citrus Council, which covers Brevard and other Central Florida counties, has contracted with ABC for many years while other surrounding regional councils in Florida contract with Little Brownie. So the variations amongst the two bakers will be seen in certain cookies across county lines in Florida. 

"The Little Brownie bakery chose to place one of their discretionary lemon cookies in the 100th Anniversary commemorative box, giving it the name Savannah Smiles.  The Baker that our Council is contracted with, ABC Baker, chose to place the traditional and original Girl Scout trefoil shaped short bread cookie in the commemorative box in honor of Girl Scout history and tradition.  The commemorative box offering by each baker is intended to celebrate and honor the 100th Anniversary of this wonderful and iconic organization, they are simply different approaches to that same end," said Girl Scouts of Citrus Council CEO Maryann Barry.  "As for me, I am an original shortbread cookie fan from way back when…so, I am  very excited that our baker chose to place the original cookie in the commemorative box!"

There are new ways for Girl Scout cookie fans to find where Girl Scout cookies are being sold.  

A Girl Scout cookie locator is available on the web at http://www.girlscoutcookies.org/ or a locator app is available for  iTunes.

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