City Commissioners Oppose Cocoa Beach Nude Motel


COCOA BEACH, Florida -- The City of Cocoa Beach Commission voted 5-0 at its meeting on May 3, 2012 to have the City Attorney investigate the laws related to the Fawlty Towers Motel operation of a clothing optional resort.  The objective of the investigation is for the City Attorney to clarify the laws so that City personnel will know how to enforce the rules and regulations related to that type of business.

"This one kinda blind-sided us," said Cocoa Beach City Commissioner Skip Williams during the meeting.  

Cocoa Beach City Mayor Skip Beeler raised concerns that the $25 day pass to a cover charge at an adult entertainment club.  "If a $25 day pass is used like a cover charge for an adult entertainment facility, there's going to be trouble," said Cocoa Beach City Attorney Skip Fowler.

Commissioner Ken Griffin railed, "We should not have a nudist colony within the City.  I'm opposed to it.  This should never have happened."  

Commissioner Kevin Pruett cited Fawlty Tower's lack of waterfront property compared to other Cocoa Beach hotels.  "He doesn't have a river, he doesn't have an ocean.  At the end of the day, he lost his ability to compete with price," Pruett said. "I sure wish the guy came up with another idea."

Cocoa Beach residents who spoke at the meeting only spoke against the clothing optional motel.  "It goes against what Cocoa Beach stands for.  This is like a stain, in my opinion, on the name of Cocoa Beach," said Eileen Kalam.

The resort, which opened in 1988, is located in the heart of Cocoa Beach's tourist district, just one block away from Ron Jon Surf Shop and on the main road leading to Shepard Park, a popular beach park for visiting tourists.  The Fawlty Towers Resort is located at 100 East Cocoa Beach Causeway in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

The resort's website says that it will "promote family-orientated nudism, which shall be wholesome and non-sexual."  Single males will be required to qualify before being allowed to visit the resort.

The layout of the resort has a fully-enclosed community area, with a pool and tiki bar that is not visible from outside the resort property.

The motel is the only clothing optional motel on Florida's Space Coast in Brevard County, Florida.


  1. Tomorrow's Vote Today . . . at Brevard Times.

    (I hope that they post upcoming Lotto results too.)

  2. I guess Disney or any other attraction in Florida better stop charging people by the day to enter the premises and use their facilities. What a bunch of buffoons.

  3. here is a business owner who is trying to do everything they can to stay in business. coming up with a clothing optional hotel idea might work. now the local govt wants to get involved and add regulations on them causing them to spend money they dont have. simple nudity is not (indecent exposure) per many court cases. what is indecent is the violent vidoe games that parents allow there children to play hours a day.

  4. To all those opposed to the change to a clothing optional clothing policy--they are following the American Association of Nudist Recreation rules--which means that it is very family friendly, with the rules very strongly and firmly are against open expressions of anything that could even be construed of being of a sexual nature---in fact---in public--other than perhaps holding hands, doing a greeting hug or giving a light "friendly kiss"---anything beyond that is STRICTLY VERBOTEN and anyone who goes beyond that very much--they are asked to leave such resorts. To say that on its own--having a place that allows nudity will attract things like prostitution, drugs, etc---anyone who says such a thing does not know what of they speak. I can say that as someone who has gone to such resorts all over the country for years---the sexual component of such places is for all purposes-non-existent. There is much more of a sexual vibe that goes on out on Cocoa Beach itself than one will find at this motel. Nude recreation is not at all about sex---its about simply being able to do normal and natural things like sunbathing, going swimming, etc. without having to wear any clothing. Americans as are on the whole, are sadly uniformed about nudism and think its automatically something that is bad. Across Europe, from Cap d'Agde, France, to parts of Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal---nude recreation is something that is openly accepted and very popular-- nearly the entire coastal regions of the former Soviet Bloc country of Croatia---under the direction and sanction of that newly democratic Republic, it is one big huge nudist zone. I am glad that this hotel has gone "nude" Since I am a single male---I may not be able to stay there since they have such a restrictive policy about accepting singles--but if I can--I think I will make plans to come stay there at some point in the future--I used to live in Melbourne, Fla but am now back in Ohio--I sure as hell wished that there had been such a place to stay when I lived down there. I do wish that the residents and city officials who are so opposed to this move by the hotel--would take time to educate themselves about the real nature of nudist recreation and tourism!!! If they did--they would actually get smart and encourage more of the local resorts to make this change too--all to the financial betterment of all!!