Three Brevard County Men Arrested In Child Sex Sting

POLK COUNTY, Florida -- Three Brevard County men: Ryan Loewen of Melbourne, Florida, Todd Simmerman of Titusville, Florida, and Kenneth McCracken of Titusville, Florida,  were arrested during the first two weeks in June during a Polk County child sex sting operation called 'Operation Cyber Child.' 

Ryan Loewen
Kenneth McCracken
Todd Simmerman

From Friday, June 1st, through Sunday, June 10th, 2012, a total of 38 men were arrested and charged with traveling to meet a minor for sex and other crimes during Operation Cyber Child, an extensive under-cover operation conducted by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, as the Central Florida Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force Coordinator. 

The 10-day-long operation included detectives and agents from the following agencies: Florida Department  of Law Enforcement (FDLE); U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security; Casselberry P.D.; Hardee County S.O.; Lake County S.O.; Manatee County S.O.; Mt Dora P.D.; North Port P.D.; Ocoee P.D.; Orange County S.O.; Orlando P.D.; Osceola County S.O.; Sarasota County S.O.; St. Petersburg P.D.; working in conjunction with members of the State Attorney’s Office along with Attorney General Pam Bondi’s Office of Statewide Prosecution.

This is the 9th such operation conducted by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the Central Florida ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) task force coordinator.

During the operation, undercover detectives posted fictitious ads or profiles on various websites (such as Craigslist) posing as children, or as custodians of children.  Despite the repeated warnings and media cover-age of past operations, numerous men responded to the ads and then proceeded to chat online, email, text, and talk on the phone with the undercover detectives who posed as children online.  

Law enforcement officials say that the suspects solicited for sex acts, sent pornographic pictures and live web-cam images of themselves, and asked for nude photos of the children to be sent to them.  Several of the men allegedly drove to the house to follow through with the promises made online to engage in sexual activity with the juveniles.

Of significance is the arrest of 43-year-old Matthew Chillcott, who is a 5th grade teacher at Lawton Chiles Elementary School in Orlando, and who, police say, has been chatting online with an undercover Casselberry Police detective since January 2012.  During this operation, he allegedly continued to chat with the detective, who was posing as a 14-year-old girl, and agreed to travel to the undercover location to have sex with the girl.  In addition to being a teacher, he also told detectives he is a youth soccer coach.

Detectives also arrested Registered Sex Offender 31-year-old Wilson Silva of Brooksville, Florida, who has been registered since 2001 out of Hernando County.  According to polilce, Silva responded to a fictitious ad posted on Craigslist by an undercover Mount Dora Police detective posing as the stepmother of a 14-year-old girl. He then allegedly offered to come to the undercover location to teach the girl how to have fun with sex.

Allen, Steven
Orlando, FL
Bandel, John
Addison, IL
Bermudez, Luis
Davenport, FL
Bouck, Jason
Sherrill, NY
Carino, Casimiro
Orlando, FL
Chillcott, Matthew
Orlando, FL
Cintron, David
Winter Garden, FL
Cook, David
Lake Hamilton, FL
Corley, William
Winter Garden, FL
Corti, Richard
Maitland, FL
Crain, Jason
Orlando, FL
David, Anthony
Tampa, FL
Exantus, Walter
Fort Benning, GA
Falde, Larry
Casselberry, FL
Franco, Justin
Winter Springs, FL
Green, Richard
Lakeland, FL
Jaime, Rueben
Orlando, FL
Jekov, Christopher
Deltona, FL
Kang, Dong-Kyu
Loewen, Ryan
Melbourne, FL
Luna, Phil
San Jose, CA
Luxcien, Jean Marc
Orlando, FL
Maskalenko, Michael
Orlando, FL
McCracken, Kenneth
Titusville, FL
Ochoa, Antony
Kissimmee, FL
Rivas, Joshua
Poinciana, FL
Rosario, Javier
Haines City, FL
Rosser, Collin
Orlando, FL
Sanchez, Zleymen
St. Cloud, FL
Santiago, Omee
Kissimmee, FL
Silva, Wilson
Brooksville, FL
Simmerman, Todd
Titusville, FL
Thomas, Johnny
Palmetto, FL
Unertl, Shaun
Orlando, FL
Wells, Michael
Altamonte Springs, FL


  1. The add is placed as a 19 y.o. adult on an adult section of craigslist, (I call it entrapment for the majority of the arrests, I guess its all ok with the public till it happens to someone they know, Arrest real predators or go home!it's nothing to be proud of, I'm sure they sleep well at night but its worse to arrest the wrong ppl for your sting operations, karma is a bitch)the police should use a profile of what they are looking for arresting innocents for this type of crime is unforgivable they deserve to be arrested for not doing their homework, lazy police tactics Really who are the predators now? You groom them and keep em coming, Put up the craiglist ad used in the first place, I want to see it!!!



    3. Grady Judd is not dumb. He's not going to insinuate that the person they are going to meet is over the age of 18. These sickos knew exactly who they 'thought' they were talking to. Judd won't leave any wiggle room for these pedophiles to get off on a technicality.

    4. Filthy Pigs..................

  2. Listen up "O Ignorant One" if you think the police is wrong for setting up a sting operation to get pedophiles off the street then maybe you need your head examined. What if you had a daughter or son and there was a pedophile soliciting your kid how would you feel about that. Better the cops stop these things before they happened. Was that too harsh for you? This is for the June 14 2012 12:20 PM KUDO'S TO THE COPS!!!!! :)

  3. I understand the need to get pedophiles off the street but what they are doing is Entrapment and Against every states law against entrapment and the police do need to be careful because these are lawsuits waiting to happen especially if their posting their age as over 18 on these sites...Now its different if in the emails they state they lied about being 18 but if an adult was going to meet an adult and they arrested the person that's now considered false imprisonment plus entrapment on top of that...And there goes the people who SWORE under oath to Protect the people from what their doing...Plain and simple...if there under 18 its called child locking websites so kids can't access...end of story...end of sting operations...

  4. This doesn't seem right. I KNOW one of the men who were arrested and I can tell you that they ruined the career of someone who wanted to be a firefighter and was an all around great person. He made the wrong decision to meet someone for sex but I strongly believe he must have been misled.