Sunday, July 29, 2012

Police Arrest Melbourne Murder Suspect

Jared Shane Braun

MELBOURNE, Florida -- The Melbourne Police Department received information that yesterday's
Melbourne murder suspect, 21-year-old Jared Shane Braun, was possibly at the Budget Inn motel located at 4505 West New Haven Avenue in West Melbourne, Florida. 

Officers of the Melbourne Police Department along with members of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office “Gameover” Task Force responded to the Budget Inn and confirmed that Braun was in room 234.  Braun was subsequently taken into custody without incident under a first degree murder warrant.  

The warrant was issued after the Melbourne Police Department responded to a call regarding a shooting incident yesterday morning on Circle Avenue in Melbourne, Florida.  Upon arrival, officers located a white male who had sustained a gunshot wound to the abdomen.  The victim was transported to the Holmes Regional Medical Center Emergency Room where lifesaving efforts were performed.

However, the shooting victim, identified as 21-year-old James Andrew Bly, did succumb to his injuries and was later pronounced dead.

Police say that their investigation led to Braun being identified as the murder suspect.  Melbourne Detectives then obtained an arrest warrant for Braun for first degree murder with a firearm. 

Braun's girlfriend, 22-year-old Amanda Toomata, was present during his capture and was arrested as an accessory to first degree murder.

Braun and Toomata were transported to the Melbourne Police Department where they were formally charged and booked.  

Braun and Toomata were remanded to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office jail at Sharpes.

If anyone has information, police ask that you please contact the Criminal Investigations Unit at 321.409.2200.

PHOTOS: Brevard Times Mugshot / File


Anonymous said...

One less criminal

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Too bad u cant just beet sømeones ass anymore without some punk pulling out a gun & killing someone over something stupid. A life ended,no reason.

Anonymous said...

Over a parking spot damm circle ave is crazy

Anonymous said...

Fuck dat he problably had no choice do or die in dis dirty world

Anonymous said...

a coward with a gun probanly can't fight

Anonymous said...

Whoever named Christian Martinez as a suspect in this shooting has got their shit way wrong.

Anonymous said...

this was my boyfriends uncle and we mis him dearly

Anonymous said...

One less dirtbag on the street. Its a shame it took the loss of an innocent life to put this scumbag away.

Anonymous said...

I just got out BCJ and was in 501A "the bubble" right next to him in bubble 10. He openly brags about it and thinks its a game... lol fried beans!

Anonymous said...

Christian Martinez... haha Little C! He aint have shit to do with it but he was there ya