Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Palm Bay Flood Plain Management Plan Report

PALM BAY, Florida — The City of Palm Bay’s Floodplain Management Plan and yearly Progress Report is an integral part of the Community Rating System (CRS) that lowers flood insurance rates for local residents by 20%.

A copy of the plan is made available to the public through the city’s website at: under Flood Protection Info, or can be picked up at the Growth Management Office located at City Hall, 120 Malabar Rd. SE.

The progress report summary includes the status of projects that help reduce flooding hazards within the geographic boundaries of Palm Bay.  The Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) combined with the Public Works Standard Operating Procedures for Stormwater and Floodplain Management and the CRS community outreach activities are used to provide the optimum flood protection for the citizens of Palm Bay.  

Among the items listed in the progress report submitted to the Insurance Service Office (ISO) for recertification, are the recent steps taken to decrease the vulnerability of the citizens to the future economic and environmental costs of natural disasters.  

The strategy outlines ways in which the city develops, monitors and maintains a local plan for hazard mitigation and post disaster redevelopment.  It highlights recent projects that have been completed to meet those goals including new drainage systems, culvert replacements, and overall improvements to the city’s infrastructure specifically for flood prevention. 

The CRS promotes activities sponsored by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  These activities help to give communities incentive to promote flood protection public works projects and community awareness to local flood hazards. 

This is Palm Bays second year as a CRS Class 6 community, giving residents a 20% reduction in their flood insurance premiums.  This amounts to over $180,000 savings to the approximately 5,100 flood insurance policy holders in Palm Bay. 

In summary, the city will continue to implement the recommendations and ongoing objectives detailed in the countywide local mitigation strategy. The city will continue to update citizens on the status of the newly revised Flood Insurance Rate Map. 

The city will continue to attend Melbourne Tillman Water Control District meetings and maintain an active role in the St. John’s River Water Management District as well as the Florida Stormwater Association. Community outreach activities will also continue along with the regular release of public information on flood protection related matters.