Top 20 Crash Areas In Brevard County

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida -- The Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization released its annual State of the System Report which lists the top 20 Brevard County roadways with the most accidents.

Garden Street (State Road 406) in Titusville, Florida tops the list, followed by west-bound Eau Gallie Boulevard from Pinapple Street to Highland Avenue in Melbourne, Florida which was last year's number one crash spot.

The heavily-traveled tourist district surrounding Ron Jon's in Cocoa Beach, Florida accounted for four of the top 20 crash zones.


1  State Road 406 (Garden Street) from Hopkins to Washington in Titusville, Florida
2 EAU GALLIE (West Bound Only) from Pineapple to Highland in Melbourne, Florida
3 State Road 520 (US 1-Causeway East Bound) from Brevard to Delannoy in Cocoa, Florida
4 State Road A1A from Marion to State Road 520 in Cocoa Beach, Florida
5 State Road A1A from St Lucie to Marion in Cocoa Beach, Florida
6 CLEARLAKE from Otterbein to North Wal-Mart Entrance in Cocoa, Florida
7 EAU GALLIE (East Bound Only) from Highland to Pineapple in Melbourne, Florida
8 EAU GALLIE East Bound Only) from US 1 to Highland in Melbourne, Florida
9 State Road 520 (Causeway-US 1 West Bound) from Delannoy to Brevard in Cocoa, Florida
10 EAU GALLIE (West Bound Only) from Highland in Melbourne, Florida
11 US 1 from State Road 520 to Peachtree in Cocoa, Florida
12 PALM BAY from Lipscomb to Troutman in Palm Bay, Florida
13  S COURTENAY from Magnolia to State Road 520 in Merritt Island, Florida
14 State Road A1A from S Banana to Fisher 36 in Cocoa Beach, Florida
15  FLORIDA from Rosa Jones – State Road 520 in Cocoa, Florida
16  US 192 from Waverly – US 1 in Melbourne, Florida
17  FORREST from State Road 520 – Peachtree in Cocoa, Florida
18 OCEAN BEACH from Volusia – Young  in Cocoa Beach, Florida

19  BABCOCK from Fee – Hibiscus in Melbourne, Florida

20  MERRITT from N Tropical – N Courtenay in Merritt Island, Florida

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