Gun Advocates Expose Hollywood Hypocrisy In Anti-Gun Video

Just days after the Sandy Hook shooting, Hollywood 'A-List' stars launched their anti-gun campaign video, titled Demand a Plan, which was made to look like a Public Service Announcement (or only missing "The More You Know" NBC close at the end).

It did not take long after the Hollywood anti-gun video debuted for gun rights activists to quickly run through the gun-wielding movie history of such stars as Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Rock, Justin Bateman, Cameron Diaz, Will Ferrell, Amanda Peet, Elisabeth Banks, Amy Poehler, Jamie Fox, Courtney Cox, and Zoeey Deschanel.

The pro-gun Hollywood hypocrisy You Tube video, titled Demand A Plan - Demand Celebrities Go F*CK Themselves!, interjects gun-toting movie video clips of the actors after they speak in the Demand a Plan You Tube video.   

Perhaps the biggest hypocrisy exposed during the video is when Jennifer Garner says in her clip, "As a mom."  The clip then goes to Garner squeezing off rounds and pointing an assault rifle at a young Muslim girl.  The video ends with Conan O'Brien firing off rounds from machine guns. 

Warning! The video contains graphic Hollywood violence:



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  1. The Script memorizing fakers won't take an ounce of responsibility for their Hollywood Sewer Pipe Product that promotes Gun Violence, Rape, Murder, Tobacco Use, and on and on

  2. "The video ends with Conan O'Brien firing off rounds from automatic assault rifles that are the focus of the assault rifle ban following the Connecticut school shooting."

    Example of the writer not being knowledgeable of the topic.

    First, the weapons Conan O'Brien fired are what appear to be an M60 heavy machine gun and an MP5 sub-machine gun, none of which are assault rifles as the M60 is too big to be used as a rifle while the MP5 uses pistol cartridges instead of intermediate cartridges.

    Second, the weapons depicted are fully automatic. Those are already heavily restricted under the 1934 NFA and any not registered with the ATF by May 19, 1986 are banned to civilians according to the Hughes Amendment of the 1985 FOPA. Those weapons are not representative of the legal weapons owned by citizens.

  3. To put it in layman's terms, an assault rifle and a fully automatic weapon are not the same thing. They aren't even in the same ballpark. They are as different as a bicycle and a Honda motorcycle.