Brevard Clerk Lowers Florida 'Fix It' Ticket To $10

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida -- Driving with a burned out tail light just got a lot less expense for Brevard County drivers.  Fulfilling one of his earlier campaign promises, Brevard County Clerk of Court Scott Ellis reduced the amount paid by motorists to the Clerk's office for a Florida 'Fix It' traffic ticket back to $10 in Brevard County, Florida last week.  

The price of the 'Fix It' tickets was increased from $10 to $99 through the assessment of additional court costs by former Clerk of Court Mitch Needelman when he took office two years ago - a surprise move which outraged many Brevard motorists.

Scott Ellis told Brevard Times in an email that the fine paid to the Clerk for the 'Fix It' ticket is reduced to $10 only if the person who got the ticket has the repair made to the vehicle and obtains an affidavit of compliance executed by the law enforcement agency within 30 days from the date which the traffic citation was issued.

In addition to the $10 paid to the Clerk, the driver also pays $4 to the law enforcement agency to inspect the vehicle and obtain an affidavit of compliance.

Reducing the 'Fix It' ticket fine is one of many tasks on Ellis' to do list.  Ellis' office is also continuing its investigation to uncover the details related to Needelman's multi-million dollar contract scheme with BlueWare.  Here is the latest update.


  1. Mr. Ellis & company have also done a great job getting the scanning that sat undone from November caught up to speed, and have taken down the obnoxious advertising banners (by Mitch's crony/family-friend company) off the Clerk's site.

    Thank you Mr. Ellis!

  2. This is a rip off know matter how low it gets..Police have nothing better to do then look for burned out lights on cars..I never did see Steve McGarrett chase down a car that had a burned out light bulb...Bookem Dano headlight one...


  4. well this a county that has hired an attorney to run its animal service dept and shelters...with the last name of torphy....hmm no animal experience but heads that dept...good ole boy network at its best....this place disgust me...sign me diana haines pissed off resident