Saturday, July 13, 2013

Brevard County Among Florida's Top 10 Counties in Recycling Rate

VIERA, Florida -- New 2012 recycling data released by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection this month shows Florida's official recycling rate is 48 percent, up from 30 percent in 2011.  Brevard County improved its recycling rate from 45 percent in 2011 to 47 percent in 2012.

According to the updated report, and looking at the traditional recycling rates, Alachua County remains at the top the list of counties in the state for the third consecutive year.  Brevard County tied for third place with Sarasota County recycling 47 percent. The Top 10 recycling rates by county are:

1. Alachua, 54 percent
2. Martin, 49 percent
3. Sarasota, Brevard, 47 percent
4. Lee, St. Lucie, 44 percent
5. Leon, 43 percent
6. Duval, 42 percent
7. Orange, 41 percent
8. Hillsborough, Collier, 40 percent
9. Putnam, Escambia, 39 percent
10. Broward, 37 percent

“As we get closer to the 2020 deadline for the 75 percent recycling goal, we need all Floridians to step up recycling efforts,” said Division of Waste Management Director Jorge Caspary. “While we have made modest improvements, in order to reach this goal, the commercial sector must amplify its recycling efforts.”

In 2008, the Florida Legislature first established a new statewide recycling goal of 75 percent to be achieved by 2020. In order for Florida to reach its 75 percent goal, the Department is urging all sectors, especially the commercial sector, to actively increase its recycling efforts. Commercial municipal solid waste accounts for approximately 55 percent of the total municipal solid waste stream in Florida. However, less than half of the commercial solid waste in Florida is being recycled according to the 2012 annual report. Increasing commercial recycling would have a substantial positive effect on the recycling numbers as a whole.

For more information on Brevard County’s recycling efforts, contact Hillary Arena, Recycling Coordinator, at (321) 633-2042.