Fatal Wrong Way Crash In Viera

VIERA, Florida -- The Florida Highway Patrol reported that an 89-year-old Bill Fisk of Melbourne, Florida has died as a result of injuries he sustained in a traffic accident that occurred on Viera Boulevard this morning.  

Around 7:55 a.m., 20-year-old Steven Longoria, of Rockledge, Florida, was driving a 2011 Ford Fiesta eastbound on Viera Boulevard.  Another car, a 2013 Ford Focus, driven by Doreen Sanchez of Rockledge was also traveling eastbound behind the Fiesta.

Meanwhile, FHP troopers say that Fisk was driving a 2014 Honda 2-Door in the wrong direction (westbound in the eastbound lane) of Viera Boulevard.  The front of the Honda collided with the front of the Fiesta near the intersection of Murrell Road.  After the initial collision, the front of the Focus then collided with the rear of the Fiesta.

All three drivers were transported to Viera Hospital.  Longoria and Sanchez, who were both wearing their seat belts, are said to have sustained only minor injuries.  It is unknown whether Fisk was wearing his seat belt at the time of the collision.


  1. I find it so incredibly annoying that so many news outlets these days seem to rely on spell-check for publications. These same news outlets do not, however, seem inclined to proofread the work. In this case, the final sentence of the article should state 'whether', not "weather".

  2. Wow! Another gerry going the wrong way. At least he only managed to kill himself. When are we going to ban gerry drivers. No one over 75. Period. And annual vision AND REFLEX testing starting at 70.

  3. Actually the 16-24 age group is responsible for the most accidents. The reasons are inexperience and either talking or texting on cell phones.

  4. There are no 2 door 2014 Hondas in the US at this time. The only 2014 to have been released is the Odyssey minivan.