Domino's Pizza Delivery Man Shoots, Kills Armed Robber

WEST MELBOURNE, Florida --- The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of 32-year-old Fredrick Lorenza Kelly Jr., who was shot and killed during an alleged armed robbery of a pizza delivery driver. 

The incident occurred in the parking lot of the Days Inn motel at 4500 West New Haven, West Melbourne shortly before midnight on Friday. 

54-year-old Bryon Park of Palm Bay had just returned to his vehicle after delivering a Domino's pizza to a room in the motel complex when he was approached by Kelly brandishing a large knife.  Kelly allegedly demanded money from Park and threatened to kill him if he did not comply.  Brevard County spokesperson Lieutenant Tod Goodyear said in a release that Park then obtained the firearm he carries in his vehicle and defended himself by firing once toward Kelly.  Kelly was struck and pronounced dead at the scene. 

Kelly’s body was transported to the Brevard County Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy.  According to the Sheriff's Office, Fredrick Kelly Jr. has a lengthy violent criminal history that includes armed robbery, aggravated battery and false imprisonment. 

"Preliminary evidence in the case demonstrates that the intended victim of the robbery acted in self defense while being robbed by a violent criminal who was armed with a knife," Sheriff Wayne Ivey said.  "The suspect in this investigation was released from prison in 2009, after serving a reduced sentence for similar violent crimes.” 

Anyone with information about the investigation is urged to call the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit at 321-633-8413 or CRIMELINE at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477). 

All calls to CRIMELINE are confidential, and callers can remain anonymous and be eligible for a reward for information leading to an arrest. 


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  1. Now that is a valid reason to carry a gun. Not a mentally ill person wanting to kill children in school with his gun!

  2. oh no,, Fred is dead. Too f'ing bad. He got what he deserved. This dead guy is what Travon would have become, if not for Zimm. so again, Zimm did us all a big favor, removing this kind of scum from the street before they can victimize others. Glad the driver was not injured. If he turns out to be white, bet all the racism mongers (JJ, AS, etc) will be out in full force again.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Park, for doing what the State refused to do: Protect its citizens from these animals!

    As an added bonus, we're now permanently protected from him.

  4. Another reason to leave the stand your ground law alone.All you bleeding heart liberals shoud stay at home behind your doors.

  5. Show your gratitude, order some dominos pizza and thank the driver with a nice monetary tip and a box of ammo in his caliber. Maybe offer to buy him/her a little range time at action gun? Support a citizens right to protect themselves and their livelyhood.

  6. trayvon would have become a successful athlete and philanthropist and banged your white daughter out. anonymous up there

  7. I hope this sends the message that many citizens are armed and will not hesitate to rid the world of these career criminals. Good work Mr. Park. Thank you Sir.

  8. This is precisely why the Ns want to repeal "Stand Your Ground". It makes robbery and rape much more dangerous for them.

    I hope he's enjoying Hell as much as Tampon Martin is.

  9. Oops! It looks like Fred forgot to REMEMBER TRAYVON!

    A few more reminders like this one, maybe those f***ers will remember Trayvon before they try to attack us again.

  10. This is what's wrong with this society NOW. .ignorant hatred for opposite careful what u rejoice in it just may hit ur HOUSE. .Trayvon Martin has nothing to do with this issue..You all need to be killed for being STUPID...

  11. This is exactly how society deals with "second-teen" chances for the ilk of society....

  12. I believe in the 2nd amendment..stand your ground law ! The driver had no choice in this matter - it was either kill or be killed ! Thank you Mr.Park - good job !

  13. One less criminal on the street ! Thank you Mr Park ! And Dominos better not fire you - they should give you a paid vacation . If they fire you for protecting yourself I for one will ban Dominos & will spread the word to all I know ! Best of luck to you !

  14. I would have done the same thing if I were in drivers place ! I wouldnt have died for $20bucks...the 2nd amendment protects the 1st ! I for one want your autograph ! Great shot, sounds like you have had some training in firearms !

  15. Zimmerman for Pres.August 26, 2013 at 12:08 AM

    To the idiot who wrote:

    "trayvon would have become a successful athlete and philanthropist and banged your white daughter out."

    You're a moron. TM would have fathered a dozen illegitimate kids, and dealt drugs to your children or pimped them out till he killed them when he was "dissed"

  16. I wonder, if Barry Sortero had a son would he have looked like Fredrick Lorenza Kelly Jr?

  17. President Obama's son...

  18. "This is what's wrong with this society NOW. .ignorant hatred for opposite careful what u rejoice in it just may hit ur HOUSE. .Trayvon Martin has nothing to do with this issue..You all need to be killed for being STUPID... "

    I love it. You typed "ignorant hatred for opposite races" and then you typed "You all need to be killed for being STUPID"

    Seriously? and you wonder why we whites are armed? Ignorant Hatred? When you want US dead? Be carefull of what you rejoice in it may hit ur HOUSE? That's an out right threat. as for Trayvon, Trayvon has everything to do with it. Trayvon tried to beat a man to death and got killed in the process. The pizza delivery driver did the same thing protecting his own life.

  19. Apparently, the criminal believed that the driver was unarmed, due to Domino's policy of not allowing it's drivers to defend themselves.

    Call them portable "Gun Free Zones".

    Unfortunately for the criminal, what he thought was a "Gun Free Zone", open to the harvesting of innocents, was actually a person exercising his right to bear arms.

  20. there should have been another way instead of shooting to targeting his legs...I am very surprised to read these hatred messages from the citizens of "the democracy dealer USA"...what about the human rights guys!!!(somebody from Turkiye)...

  21. If Dominos fires this guy, I will make sure to let Dominos know that they've sold their last pizza to me. I guess they would prefer to find that their driver was dead?

  22. Targeting his legs!?! ya suppose the knife was intended to be used on the victim's legs?? Shoot him in the leg and end up supporting him for life. Bad guy got what he deserved.

  23. IM Glad this Criminal is now off the streets. He deserved what he got. Justice is served.


    "Ma'am, your some was a violent criminal."


    Parents need to shut up and watch & participate in their kids' lives more.

  25. Another CRIMINAL off the street!

  26. One less felony GROID to have to worry about.


  27. Good God drop the white power thing, it's embarrassing AND stupid. Remove head from ass.

    SYG laws protect the innocent from the criminals, black or white.

  28. JUSTICE SERVED! This time we the taxpayers dont have to pay for a bull shit publicty trial to stoke up racism.

  29. We need outrage for the negro man who was shot. If Obama had a son he would look like Fredrick Lorenza Kelly Jr.

    We need something to take over the mainstream news so they can ignore the false flags being used to start WW3.

  30. BUtt hes beez a gud boy dat wuz turning hees lif aroun..

  31. Can't wait for its fambly to start with the "he was a good boy" "he was turning his life around" "he din do nuffins" and all the other tripe.

  32. Another criminal Knee Growth sent to Hell. Good riddance.

  33. This article doesn't include all the information it should. If you had some background on the driver you would know that he was fired from the West Melbourne Police Force for using brutal force several times on minorities during traffic stops and arrests; Also, was charged with targeting minorities.

    I'm a resident of West Melbourne and I know the ex-police officer Bryan Park and Fred Kelly Jr.
    They left out of the article how awful Bryan Parks police jacket was. For that reason no other police agency will hire him; that's why he's working as a pizza delivery man.

    Even though Fred has a record he hasn't been arrested or involved in any criminal activity in the last 2-3 years. He's been breaking his back working at a local convenient store.

    I love how the reporter and newspaper wrote one-sided articles. They provide you with criminal background on the victim, but what about Bryon Park's criminal background: use of excessive force on several young, black men and women!

    Fred was at the motel visiting his girlfriend. You shouldn't judge people by the initial investigation.

    When the coroner's report comes back, as well as the crime scene photos and notes it will tell how it really occurred.

    If Bryon was really in his car waiting for directions to the next delivery; with the keys in the ignition. Why didn't he just drive away if Fred pulled a knife on him.
    In the time it would've of taken for him to grab his loaded gun under his car seat, Fred could have assaulted him. However, Bryon Park doesn't have a single injury.

    If you really paid attention to details and knew the entire story you wouldn't come up with such ignorant assumptions. I believe in equal rights for everyone. I won't respond to the ludicrous remarks written by ignorant individuals.

    This is just a tragedy all around. An innocent man is dead. A young man lost his life and now is family has to live with that.

    A dirty cop who can't get a job, works as a pizza delivery man. He's not only a racist, but he's a narcissist. He's a danger to anyone in our community that he comes in contact with. He carries a weapon, loaded in his vehicle!

    Did it ever occur to any of you buffoons if Domino's has a policy against their drivers carrying weapons. The usual policy is when an employee is being robbed to give the person the cash, so they aren't hurt.

    This situation is just sticky all around.

    I knew Fred Kelly. He was a gracious, sweet, kind and respectable man pulling his life together. He didn't deserve this.

    Bryon could of disarmed Fred quite easily being a trained police officer. He didn't have to shoot to kill.

    Hello! If you pull out a gun on an individual holding a knife. Common sense would tell me either they'd drop the knife and run, or they'd surrender. He didn't give Fred ample opportunity to react if that's what happened.

    If you knew the actual facts of where the body was in relation to the knife and vehicle; you wouldn't be cheering for the pizza man.

    This is murder in my eyes and we have to seek justice for Fred Kelly Jr.

    Everyone makes mistakes and no one deserves to have someone else decide their fate.

    God is the only one who can truly judge your actions, thoughts and soul.

    Bryon Park isn't judge, jury and executioner. He took it upon himself to be during that instance. He's angry, bitter and resents black people. He lost his job due to his own personal mistakes and works an entry level job. Who isn't to say he wasn't a loose cannon and this was the opportunity he used for payback.

    Bottom line: This was a hate crime and murder. He used excessive force and this deserves to go to court in front of a grand jury!

    I won't stop rallying and voicing my opinion, until we get justice for Fredrick Kelly Jr.

  34. Looks like Obamas Son

  35. The state had its chance to protect us from this criminal, and failed. Did you notice where he was released, having served a reduced sentence for similar violent crimes. With an s, as in multiple crimes?

    Thankfully, this guy did.

  36. I do understand two sides to every story. I think the whole incident is a tragedy. I believe everyone has the right to defend themselves especially if someone is holding a knife to their throat. I too knew Fred for over the last 2 years as a neighbor in his neighborhood. He was a very polite nice respectful individual and I happen to be white Caucasian whatever you want to call me I'm an American . I never knew his past and what I knew of him for the past two years he was in my neighborhood he was a respectful citizen appearing to try and do right regardless of his past history with the law. To say such terrible things about any individual that Is dead just makes me wonder what type of people as how callous and hateful they are to make some of the comments I have seen on here. I just found out today and tried to call his ex girlfriend number changed to send my sympathy to his family. Regardless a life has been taken and we should respect the dead and the family that has to live with what is left behind but not with harsh hateful things said, you should be ashamed of yourselves for looking down on someone like that, I'm not saying what he did was right but a life saved would have been nicer with a shot to the leg to stop him than a bullet that killed him. I'm just saying have some type of empathy and compassion for his family and friends that knew a different side of him.