Florida Man Falls From CVS Drive-Thru Ceiling To Waiting Police

MELBOURNE, Florida -- Although the CVS pharmacy drive-thru is meant for a convenient way for customers to pickup their prescription medicines, Melbourne police had a very unusual pickup this morning when a burglary suspect fell from a CVS drive-thru ceiling to waiting officers below.

Around 1:30 this morning, Melbourne police were patrolling the area of Parkway Drive and Wickham Road when they heard an audible alarm coming from the CVS Pharmacy located at 3050 North Wickham Road in Melbourne, Florida. 

The officers immediately relayed this information to other units and approached the business exterior where they found an open access hatch in the drive-thru ceiling.   From the exterior, officers could see that the pharmacy ceiling tiles had been moved and that entry to the pharmacy had occurred. 

While securing the perimeter and waiting for a K-9 officer to arrive, 28-year-old Alex David McBride fell through the drive-thru hatch and down to the officers waiting below.  Police say that McBride, who was allegedly wearing gloves and a ski mask, was then arrested without incident while carrying a bag of burglary tools and prescription pills.


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