2 Killed In Brevard County Fiery Crash

COCOA, Florida -- A yet-to-be identified person from Cocoa, Florida was driving a 2007 Ford F150 eastbound on State Road 520 in the left turn lane to travel onto State Road 524.  Meanwhile, 27-year-old Jarison Rodriguez of Apopka, Florida was driving a 1998 Audi A8 westbound on SR 520 in the left lane.

According to FHP reports, the driver of the Ford attempted to turn left onto SR 524 and traveled into the direct path of the Audi.  After the vehicles collided, the Ford overturned on its right side, struck a sign on the median, and then a stop sign at the corner of the intersection of SR 520 and SR 524.  The Ford then caught on fire.

Also after the impact, the Audi overturned on its left side - ejecting 22-year-old Wendymary Artiles, also of Apopka, from the vehicle.

The driver of the Ford and Artiles both died as a result of the crash. 
Rodriguez was taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, Florida where he is listed in critical condition.


  1. A fine example of evolution in action! One person who would rather die than wait for a clear path to turn. One person who would rather die than wear a seat belt (the same kind of person who thinks you can survive a plane crash by jumping out just before it strikes the ground).

  2. Condolences to the familys.Anonymous, STFU if you don't have anything productive to say.

  3. Oh, boo-hoo to you two! Can't deal with a NEWS story? Did you think this was an obituary? Is the article entitled, "Family, Friends Mourn Those Killed In Crash"?

    Actually, I thought the comment was productive. Certainly more productive than anonymously leaving "condolences" and telling others to STFU.


  4. Anonymous, you are right on all points. This kind of accident should not be sugar-coated.

  5. You can't call compounding stupids an accident.

  6. All of you are retards... We need more laws right??? You people make me want to throw up...