Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Study: Many 2014 Black Friday Deals Same As Last Year

Image Credit: Wiki Commons / Web Design Hot
Many Black Friday deals offered by retailers this year are the same as last year, according to a study released by NerdWallet today.

The study analyzed twenty-seven 2014 Black Friday ads and found that twenty-five of those ads repeated at least one item at the same price as last year.

“When you walk into a store on Black Friday, you can’t have the mindset that everything you see will be a good deal,” said senior retail analyst at NerdWallet and lead analyst on the study, Matthew Ong, to CNBC.

This insight into this year's ho-hum Black Friday shopping comes on the heels of another study which predicts that online retail prices are expected to be the lowest before Black Friday with the largest single-day drop in prices occurring from Sunday to Monday before Thanksgiving. 


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