Saturday, March 12, 2016

Brevard County Jail Mugshots March 12, 2016 Page 2

Hazlett, Matthew Charles 
Date of Birth 4/10/1965 
Arrest Location Satellite Beach 
DUI 3rd Viol More Than 10 Years

Heath, James Joseph 
Date of Birth 3/3/1993 
Arrest Location Cocoa Beach 

Disorderly Intox-Liquor Law Viol

Kennedy, Robert Nelson 
Date of Birth 7/31/1987 
Arrest Location Cocoa 
VOP Felony

Key, Caleb D 
Date of Birth 12/13/1989 
Arrest Location Micco 
VOP On Site 
False ID Given to LEO

Name Marcott, Holly Rene 
Date of Birth 8/17/1989 
Arrest Location Cocoa Beach 

Mathis, Tommy Lee 
Date of Birth 10/17/1985 
Arrest Location Melbourne 
VOP On Site 
DWLS W/Knowledge 3rd or Subsequent Offense 
Resist Officer WO Viol

Date of Birth 6/1/1962 
Arrest Location Melbourne 
Battery Domestic Viol