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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Space Coast Surfers Have Close Encounter With Right Whale

SATELLITE BEACH, Florida - A group of surfers where treated to more than a few good waves off the coast of Brevard County, Florida on Saturday. That's because a female right whale and her calf that had been lingering off of Florida Space Coast during the past few weeks decided to get a little closer to shore right at the wave break where the surfers were lined up.

Ryan Clapper, a surfing photographer for, was able to capture this up-close interaction between the right whales and surfers just off of Satellite Beach. To see the entire gallery of the spectacular photos that Ryan took of the right whales and surfers, visit

Right whales migrate every winter to the east coasts of Georgia and Florida, including Florida's Space Coast. From November 15 to April 15 each year, pregnant females migrate from their northern feeding grounds to the sheltered waters of the calving ground to give birth to their young.

Whalers labeled these animals "right whales" because they considered them the "right" whales to hunt. They swam slowly in coastal waters, floated when dead, and yielded large amounts of oil and baleen. Right whales had been hunted to near extinction when hunting was finally banned in 1935.

Right whales lack a dorsal fin. Instead, they have a large, flat back.  When right whales breathe they produce a V-shaped blow that is often as high as 15 feet and is visible from a great distance. These baleen-type whales feed on tiny zooplankton, measure up to 50 feet in length, and can weigh up to 140,000 pounds.

When Right Whales are active off Florida,  speed restrictions of 10 knots apply to vessels 65 feet or greater in specific areas and times along the U.S. East Coast.  It is illegal to approach right whales within 500 yards, according to NOAA.

How to report right whale sightings:

Report right whale sightings by calling the following numbers with an accurate location and description of the sighting: 1-888-97-WHALE (94253) or the FWC Wildlife Alert Program at 1-888-404-FWCC (3922).

Photo credit: Ryan Clapper /


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cocoa Beach Surf & Fishing Report for February 2, 2016

As of 8 a.m. on Tuesday, February 2, 2016, light easterly winds are creating calm surf conditions across the east coast of Central Florida.

Monday, February 1, 2016

February 2016 Tide Table For Cocoa Beach, Florida

An outgoing low tide at the Cocoa Beach Pier
An outgoing low tide at the Cocoa Beach Pier

Cocoa Beach Tide Prediction Table for February 2016 based upon data obtained from NOAA.

02/01Mon01:24 AM2.91 H
02/01Mon07:37 AM0.57 L
02/01Mon01:28 PM2.5 H
02/01Mon07:47 PM0.15 L
02/02Tue02:22 AM2.99 H
02/02Tue08:33 AM0.57 L
02/02Tue02:26 PM2.46 H
02/02Tue08:38 PM0.09 L
02/03Wed03:19 AM3.14 H
02/03Wed09:29 AM0.48 L
02/03Wed03:23 PM2.51 H
02/03Wed09:30 PM-0.03 L
02/04Thu04:11 AM3.34 H
02/04Thu10:24 AM0.33 L
02/04Thu04:17 PM2.64 H
02/04Thu10:23 PM-0.2 L
02/05Fri05:00 AM3.58 H
02/05Fri11:15 AM0.11 L
02/05Fri05:08 PM2.82 H
02/05Fri11:14 PM-0.42 L
02/06Sat05:47 AM3.81 H
02/06Sat12:02 PM-0.12 L
02/06Sat05:57 PM3.03 H
02/07Sun12:03 AM-0.63 L
02/07Sun06:34 AM4.01 H
02/07Sun12:47 PM-0.35 L
02/07Sun06:46 PM3.26 H
02/08Mon12:50 AM-0.81 L
02/08Mon07:20 AM4.15 H
02/08Mon01:31 PM-0.55 L
02/08Mon07:35 PM3.47 H
02/09Tue01:38 AM-0.91 L
02/09Tue08:06 AM4.22 H
02/09Tue02:16 PM-0.69 L
02/09Tue08:24 PM3.66 H
02/10Wed02:28 AM-0.91 L
02/10Wed08:53 AM4.19 H
02/10Wed03:02 PM-0.77 L
02/10Wed09:14 PM3.8 H
02/11Thu03:20 AM-0.81 L
02/11Thu09:40 AM4.05 H
02/11Thu03:50 PM-0.78 L
02/11Thu10:05 PM3.86 H
02/12Fri04:15 AM-0.63 L
02/12Fri10:28 AM3.83 H
02/12Fri04:41 PM-0.74 L
02/12Fri10:58 PM3.85 H
02/13Sat05:14 AM-0.42 L
02/13Sat11:19 AM3.55 H
02/13Sat05:35 PM-0.65 L
02/13Sat11:56 PM3.78 H
02/14Sun06:17 AM-0.21 L
02/14Sun12:15 PM3.26 H
02/14Sun06:32 PM-0.55 L
02/15Mon12:59 AM3.69 H
02/15Mon07:21 AM-0.03 L
02/15Mon01:18 PM3.02 H
02/15Mon07:31 PM-0.45 L
02/16Tue02:08 AM3.64 H
02/16Tue08:28 AM0.08 L
02/16Tue02:26 PM2.88 H
02/16Tue08:32 PM-0.38 L
02/17Wed03:17 AM3.64 H
02/17Wed09:35 AM0.1 L
02/17Wed03:34 PM2.86 H
02/17Wed09:34 PM-0.35 L
02/18Thu04:20 AM3.69 H
02/18Thu10:39 AM0.06 L
02/18Thu04:35 PM2.93 H
02/18Thu10:35 PM-0.36 L
02/19Fri05:15 AM3.74 H
02/19Fri11:34 AM-0.03 L
02/19Fri05:29 PM3.03 H
02/19Fri11:30 PM-0.4 L
02/20Sat06:05 AM3.76 H
02/20Sat12:21 PM-0.12 L
02/20Sat06:18 PM3.13 H
02/21Sun12:18 AM-0.43 L
02/21Sun06:49 AM3.76 H
02/21Sun01:01 PM-0.18 L
02/21Sun07:04 PM3.22 H
02/22Mon01:02 AM-0.42 L
02/22Mon07:30 AM3.71 H
02/22Mon01:39 PM-0.22 L
02/22Mon07:46 PM3.29 H
02/23Tue01:43 AM-0.37 L
02/23Tue08:08 AM3.63 H
02/23Tue02:14 PM-0.21 L
02/23Tue08:25 PM3.34 H
02/24Wed02:22 AM-0.28 L
02/24Wed08:44 AM3.52 H
02/24Wed02:49 PM-0.18 L
02/24Wed09:04 PM3.35 H
02/25Thu03:02 AM-0.15 L
02/25Thu09:20 AM3.37 H
02/25Thu03:25 PM-0.11 L
02/25Thu09:42 PM3.32 H
02/26Fri03:44 AM0.01 L
02/26Fri09:55 AM3.19 H
02/26Fri04:03 PM-0.02 L
02/26Fri10:21 PM3.27 H
02/27Sat04:28 AM0.18 L
02/27Sat10:32 AM3.0 H
02/27Sat04:43 PM0.08 L
02/27Sat11:01 PM3.2 H
02/28Sun05:15 AM0.34 L
02/28Sun11:11 AM2.81 H
02/28Sun05:26 PM0.17 L
02/28Sun11:46 PM3.13 H
02/29Mon06:05 AM0.46 L
02/29Mon11:55 AM2.65 H
02/29Mon06:13 PM0.24 L

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cocoa Beach Surf & Fishing Report for January 5, 2016

As of 8 a.m. on Tuesday, January 5, 2016, strong easterly winds are creating rough surf conditions across the east coast of Central Florida.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Right Whale Sighting Map

A Southeast U.S. right whale sighting map created by the North Atlantic Whale Consortium and NOAA fisheries.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Portuguese Man-of-War Jellyfish Stinging Beachgoers On Cocoa Beach

COCOA BEACH, Florida - Hundreds of stinging Portuguese Man-of-War that have washed up along the beaches of Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach over the last week (December 23 through December 31) are responsible for an increasing number of patients being treated by the Cocoa Beach Fire Department rescue crews and Brevard County Ocean Rescue lifeguards. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Skydiving, Surfing Santas Splash and Crash On Cocoa Beach

COCOA BEACH, Florida - For the seventh year in a row, surfers donned red Santa Claus costumes and hit the waves off Cocoa Beach on Christmas Eve.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hundreds of Stinging Jellyfish, Trash, Dead Fish Wash Up On Cocoa Beach

Portuguese Man-of-War

COCOA BEACH, Florida - Hundreds of stinging jellyfish have washed up along the beaches of Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach on Wednesday, December 23, 2015.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

SeaWorld Releases Sea Turtles Off Florida Beach

loggerhead sea turtle
Loggerhead sea turtle

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida -  On Wednesday morning, the SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue Team returned a 63-pound endangered loggerhead sea turtle measuring 23 inches long to its natural environment on Playalinda Beach at Canaveral National Seashore located off the east coast of Central Florida.  The large loggerhead spent more than 3-months at SeaWorld Orlando’s rehabilitation facility after a large fishing hook became embedded in its head.

Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Up On Brevard County Beaches

COCOA BEACH, Florida --  Thousands of dead fish have washed ashore on Brevard County beaches. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

First Right Whales Of The Calving Season Spotted Off Florida

PONTE VERDE BEACH, Florida - The first North Atlantic right whales of the 2015-2016 migration season were spotted off Florida last week during the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission's (FWC) annual right whale survey.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Florida Snook Season Closes December 15


PORT CANAVERAL, Florida -The recreational harvest season for snook closes December 15 in Atlantic state and federal waters, including Lake Okeechobee and the Kissimmee River, and will remain closed through January 31, 2016, reopening to harvest February 1. Snook can be caught and released during the closed season.

Gulf state and federal waters, including Monroe County and Everglades National Park, closed Dec. 1 and will reopen to harvest March 1, 2016.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission says that this and other regular season closures are designed to help protect the species during vulnerable times such as cold weather.

Image Credit: Brevard Times / File

Cocoa Beach Surf & Fishing Report for December 10

Ocean Waves Off Cocoa Beach Florida At Sunrise

COCOA BEACH, Florida --  As of 7 a.m. on Thursday, December 10, 2015, light winds are creating moderate surf conditions across the east coast of Central Florida.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thousands of Coffee Cans Wash Ashore On Florida Beach

Columbia Elizabeth

INDIALANTIC and MELBOURNE BEACH, Florida - Thousands of Café Bustelo and Café Pilon coffee cans and packages washed up on beaches in south Brevard County, Florida early Tuesday morning. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cocoa Beach Surf & Fishing Report For Thanksgiving Weekend

Rough surf and windy conditions will persist through the weekend. Credit: Brevard Times

COCOA BEACH, Florida --  As of 7 a.m. on Saturday, November 28, 2015, strong winds are creating rough surf across the coast  of east Central Florida.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

VIDEO: Whales Greet Florida Spring Breakers

COCOA BEACH, Florida -- A mother and calf, part of a group of migrating Right Whales, along with a few bottlenose dolphins, showed up Tuesday afternoon just a couple hundred yards off the coast from Coconuts on the Beach at the end of Minuteman Causeway in Cocoa Beach, Florida - a popular hangout for the college crowd, including 2014 Spring Breakers.

Florida Lifeguard Pulls Shark Back Into The Water! - VIDEO

COCOA BEACH, Florida -- Just after noon today, a shark approximately 5 feet long swam into less than 3 inches of water near where a large group of young children were playing in the sand.

Florida Surfer Saves Drowning Sea Turtle (VIDEO)

COCOA BEACH, Florida -- A surfer came to the rescue of a loggerhead sea turtle that was tangled in fishing lines just south of the Cocoa Beach Pier this afternoon.

Giant Tiger Shrimp On The Rise In U.S. Waters

The recent rise in sightings of non-native Asian tiger shrimp off the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts has government scientists working to determine the cause of the increase and the possible consequences for native fish and seafood in those waters.  

Giant Mantis Shrimp Caught Off Florida Dock

FORT PIERCE, Florida -- According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), angler Steve Bargeron was fishing from a dock in Fort Pierce, Florida as he watched a fellow fisherman catch what is believed to be a scaly-tailed mantis shrimp. 

Bargeron told FWC that the monster crustacean was about 18 inches long and striking its own tail, so he grabbed it by its back like a lobster.  FWC says that mantis shrimp are actually not related to shrimp, but are a type of crustacean called a stomatopod.

According to the Smithosian Marine Station at Fort Pierce, several species of mantis shrimps inhabit the Indian River Lagoon  and surrounding Florida coastal waters.  Of these, the two likely to be confused with scaly-tailed mantis shrimp are the mantis shrimp, Squilla empusa, and the ciliated false squilla, Pseudosquilla ciliataS. empusa is considered the most common mantis shrimp in local waters but is much smaller in length (reaching only 12 inches) than the scaly-tailed mantis shrimp.  

Photo Credit:  Steve Bargeron via FWC/Facebook