Posey Applauds Florida Governor Rick Scott for Fighting Costly EPA Mandate

Melbourne, FL- Congressman Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) released the following statement applauding Florida Governor Rick Scott for filing a petition against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the impending numeric nutrient regulations:

“I applaud Governor Scott for petitioning the EPA to withdraw EPA regulations that single out the state of Florida for more onerous regulations. These EPA nutrient regulations could not come at a worse time for our state as we seek to recover economically. Imposing hundreds of dollars of added costs to average Florida families is just one more economic hit Floridians can't afford. And as our state and local governments struggle to balance their budgets and meet the needs of their communities, they should not be forced to divert limited dollars away from schools, public safety, and medical services in order to fund Washington's new EPA mandates. Even by the EPA’s own standards, Florida already has high quality water. These new costly and more stringent mandates will make it even more difficult for our economy to recover.”

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