Charges Against Cape Canaveral Gun Conversion Maker Dropped

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.  -- The Brevard County State Attorney's Office has dropped a felony charge this week against gun conversion manufacturer Jonathan A. Ciener.

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office raided Jonathan Arthur Ciener, Inc. located at 8700 Commerce Street in Cape Canaveral last November and charged Ciener with one count of scheme to defraud in an amount less than $20,000. (Image above) 

Jonathan Arthur Ciener, Inc., is a company that sells gun conversion kits nationwide and advertises its kits on

Ciener's attorney, Greg Eisenmenger of the Viera law firm Eisenmenger, Berry & Peters, P.A., told Brevard Times that the criminal charge was brought against Ciener after a few, but very vocal customers, had complained to law enforcement about not receiving merchandise after payment.

Eisenmenger said that his client was able to provide records to the State Attorney's office which demonstrated that thousands of orders had been filled and that the lengthy back orders represented less than 1 % of all orders. 

Eisenmenger added that the money for the back orders was always kept in a separate account and not used for operating expenses while Ciener continued to process and ship a unique product that is in high demand.

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