Peacock Killings In Cape Canaveral

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida -- A rash of recent peacock killings have occurred in the Ocean Woods neighborhood of Cape Canaveral, Florida.   

Brevard County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Alex Herrera said that one peacock has been confirmed killed by shooting.  "Although we have heard of other third-party allegations of poisoning of peafowl, those allegations can not be confirmed until a necropsy is performed," Herrera said.  "We are working with the State Attorney's office on this case and will arrest and prosecute anyone who has committed cruelty towards these animals."

According to the City of Cape Canaveral, peafowl are considered domesticated animals and not wildlife by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and not protected by any wildlife laws.  They are an invasive species that are difficult to trap, are rather prolific, and they survive very easily on their own.

The City acknowledges both points of view regarding peafowl: "...they are a beautiful attraction to a neighborhood and an excellent insect control.  On the other hand, they can be noisy, leave a mess on your porch, eat your vegetables and flowers, damage car paint, and at times be aggressive."  The City recommends using sprinklers or a garden hose to remove peafowl from a resident's lawn.

Brevard County Animal Services does not remove peafowl or deal with any birds of any kind which caused the City of Cocoa Beach to authorize funding for a private trapper to remove peafowl from a neighborhood two blocks south of Minuteman Causeway last month.

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