FPL Caravan Travels Through Brevard County

BREVARD COUNTY, Florida -- Brevard County residents traveling southbound on I95 were accompanied by a caravan of no less than 15 power trucks headed to South Florida to help restore power to the residents affected by the ‘near miss’ of Tropical Storm Isaac.

As of 9:00am there were still approximately 23,000 residents in the Florida Keys without power according to news sources. FPL issued a press release to their customers on Friday promising: “We have worked actively with other utilities to secure and pre-position thousands of additional resources to prepare for Isaac so we are ready to respond, if the storm impacts our customers.”

Power crews reportedly worked through the night last night enduring high winds that hampered their abilities to repair the damage.

As residents of Brevard County we are reminded of the summer of 2004 when we spent several weeks literally ‘powerless’ and waiting for this caravan to arrive to help us during our time of need. 

We owe a debt of gratitude to the thousands of men and women working for FPL and those involved in these types of emergencies that put their own lives on hold so that we, their customers, can remain comfortable in our homes amidst the tropical downpours that are the hurricane season.

Photo and article credit:

Jeff Gates
Construction Network

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