Opinion: Beach Rangers Needed To Stop Littering

Dear Editor:

The thirst for cutting spending without a thought to consequences is shocking. Is our city so cash-strapped that we must begin to mortgage itself to the people who would say: we can get away with anything there (Petition to Remove Beach Rangers from Cocoa Beach)?

The beaches in areas like Cocoa Nuts are a mess with trash that blows down the beach, irresponsible owners leave dog waste in the surf and others park their beach chairs on top of sea turtle nests. It’s my understanding that beach rangers are meant to help enforce these types of important laws to protect the beaches and keep them clean. 

Cocoa Beach depends on tourism. We head down a dangerous path when we’re willing to sacrifice the cleanliness of our attractions or thin out our police force to pick up the slack that would be left behind from the elimination of the beach rangers. 

I would rather see us fix the problem rather than take a knee-jerk reaction to cut. Let’s provide direction to get them focused on tackling the bigger issues like littering.  

Jamie Bearse
Cocoa Beach, FL


Ranger Removal Petition From Cocoa Beach Grows

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