Brevard Doctor To Give Away 1 Free Cataract Surgery For Christmas

James N. McManus, M.D. , Board Certified Ophthalmologist and Cataract Specialist at The Eye Institute for Medicine & Surgery, wants to give a very special gift to a resident of Brevard County this Christmas season: the precious gift of sight.

Dr. McManus will be continuing the tradition he created, known as “The Christmas Cataract,” which he describes as, “a happy ending waiting for your story.”  Dr. McManus wants to encourage Brevard County residents who may be experiencing vision loss due to cataracts, who are uninsured and in need, to visit his website,

There are instructions on the website explaining how an individual or their loved one can share a photo and their story describing how vision loss has impacted their life and how they believe their life could improve if their vision was restored.

“Poor vision associated with cataracts can have a profound effect on all aspects of a person’s life,” according to Dr. McManus. “It can prevent a person from working, from taking care of loved ones who depend on them, or even performing daily activities that most of us take for granted.” Cataracts are a clouding of the natural, clear lens inside the eye. Cataracts are usually age related but may occur due to heredity, the presence of certain systemic illnesses, the use of certain medications, trauma, or other factors.

For a period of time changes in one’s eyeglass prescription may improve vision to an acceptable level. However, once a cataract progresses past a certain point, vision and a person’s ability to do the things they need to do on a daily basis begin to become compromised. At this point surgery is usually the only viable option to improve vision.

Dr. McManus said he is pleased to continue this sight restoring program that began last year and that he hopes to continue for many years to come. “Brevard County has been a wonderful place to live, to raise a family and to practice medicine. I want to give back to the community that has been so good to my family and I,” states Dr. McManus.

Unfortunately, not everyone who submits their story will be eligible for the surgery due to such factors as the presence of other eye conditions or a health status that would indicate a contraindication to outpatient surgery. Dr. McManus will review all the entries and carefully determine the individual most likely to benefit from cataract surgery.

Happy Holidays and good health from the Physicians and Staff of The Eye Institute for Medicine & Surgery.

For more information, log on to or call 321-722-4443.

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